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Welcome to our "Goodies Page"  Interesting "stuff" we find that we feel would be useful to just about everyone.  Please have a look at the menu to the above left or click the links below. 

You will find many different types of items here from hemp seeds to windlasses for your boat.  Wind generators and inflatable boats. Solar collectors and hydrogen generators.  Electric propulsion for both marine and vehicle use. 

Keep coming back as we'll be constantly adding things we like.  And helping you get the best value for your time.  After all, money is just stored time.  We accept gold and silver coin, Items of equal value, Canadian Legal tender, US legal tender, We also have paypal accounts and electronic gold accounts at both e-gold and e-bullion.  In Canada we can use the interac internet payment system.  Shipping time and costs involved will be explained on in the item window.

Have a good look around and see what you might find.   everything here is covered by our "Stone Age Guarantee" 

If you have any questions about anything here, please e-mail at john @ divineenergies.org (make sure you take the spaces out - spam control...)   We will get back to you within 3 or 4 days.  Sometimes we are ut sailing and not in Internet range.  Please be patient.

Live, Love and Laugh
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