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Welcome and thank you for visiting.  

Our mission is simply this:

Raise awareness and implementation of  "off the grid" alternative technologies in energy production and natural healing resulting in healthy people and planet. 

Divine Energies seek out and report on new technologies for implementation as viable solutions for today's global energy needs.   Our goal is not only to provide information about alternative energies , but to help you get some working for your applications in an affordable manner.  We have developed many associations with factories that also support our work and offer many exciting products to choose from on our Goodies Page

You can read about us and see what we are up to by clicking the menu buttons at the top.  Look for LED Lighting tests along with solar, wind and various other alternative energy generation experiments as we search for free energy and zero point electricity on the Tech page.  Updates are weekly, so keep coming back..

Extensive product testing, and proven products are on our Goodies page.  These are products that have met or exceeded the "Bed-er-Rock Standards" of the Stone Age.   Be sure to say "Hi!" to our testers, "Fred" and "Wilma" in the Guest Book. 

You will also want to stop by our health page and get some insights on how to enhance your lifestyle with spiritual healing and natural remedies.  Know that we don't get disease because of bad luck - we are dis-eased because we are either poisoning ourselves with chemicals or we are starving ourselves by eating food that has little to zero nutritional value.  Our Creator put us and good food on this planet to enjoy.  Let's be healthy and do just that.  Enjoy our lives while partaking in the bounty of organic creation.
Do we have a solution for everything?  Not yet.  But if you sign up for our  mailing list, we'll let you know when we find out something new.

Have a look around and see what's here. We ask for your support through the goodies page and other links you see here.  We welcome you to the cutting edge of a new and better world.  Feel free to contact us for any reason what-so-ever.  E-mail is best and you are sure to get a reply.

Happy surfing.
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